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ConceptMap: NIM Procedure status


Mapping has been made from the valueset defined in the NIM, based on SNOMED CT, and the FHIR-specified ValueSet. See details in tables below.


Code Display Definition
preparation Preparation The core event has not started yet, but some staging activities have begun (e.g. surgical suite preparation). Preparation stages may be tracked for billing purposes.
in-progress In Progress The event is currently occurring.
not-done Not Done The event was terminated prior to any activity beyond preparation. I.e. The ‘main’ activity has not yet begun. The boundary between preparatory and the ‘main’ activity is context-specific.
on-hold On Hold The event has been temporarily stopped but is expected to resume in the future.
stopped Stopped The event was terminated prior to the full completion of the intended activity but after at least some of the ‘main’ activity (beyond preparation) has occurred.
completed Completed The event has now concluded.
entered-in-error Entered in Error This electronic record should never have existed, though it is possible that real-world decisions were based on it. (If real-world activity has occurred, the status should be “stopped” rather than “entered-in-error”.).
unknown Unknown The authoring/source system does not know which of the status values currently applies for this event. Note: This concept is not to be used for “other” - one of the listed statuses is presumed to apply, but the authoring/source system does not know which.


SCT Definition Begrepp Parents Children
89925002 Canceled inställd Not to be done, Was not started  
410546004 Discontinued avbruten Ended  
385651009 In progress pågående Post-starting action status  
385660001 Not done inte utförd   Did not attend
398166005 Performed utförd Done  
397943006 Planned planerad Being organized  


Snomed CT-id Begrepp FHIR EventStatus
89925002 inställd not-done
410546004 avbruten stopped
385651009 pågående in-progress
385660001 inte utförd ~not-done
398166005 utförd completed
397943006 planerad preparation

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Mapping fromÅtgärd-kod to

DRAFT. Published on 30-Mar-2021 19:36:18 by Socialstyrelsen (Socialstyrelsen: https://informationsstruktur.s...,

Source CodeRelationshipDestination Code
89925002is equivalent tonot-done
410546004is equivalent tostopped
385651009is equivalent toin-progress
385660001maps loosely tonot-done
398166005is equivalent tocompleted
397943006maps loosely topreparation